The Darden faculty added optional concentrations to the curriculum structure in 2010. While students have always tailored the elective curriculum to focus on areas of interest, the concentrations provide additional guidance and structure to this specialization, as well as providing a stronger signal to recruiters of students' focus. All students still receive the same MBA degree and students can add the specific concentration(s) to resumes as well.

  • There are no limits on the number of concentrations a student may earn. As long as you are able to satisfy the academic requirements for each of the concentrations you apply for.
  • Concentrations are not noted on a student's transcript nor diploma.
  • Upon successful completion and application for each specific concentration, students will receive a letter from the Senior Associate Dean of Degree Programs acknowledging the successful completion of the courses required for the concentration. This process occurs following the student's completion of their MBA degree and letters will be emailed to students by the end of June.

Concentrations Course List Class of 2020 XLSX
Concentrations Course List Class of 2021 XLSX

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